Boris is a god.

leftYou may have heard of the great almighty Boris. He is very powerful, but also a quite nice, guy.

He is an absolute BEAST at melee and will destroy you, whoever you are (unless you are RedBlaze).
Boris is a retired Straight Fucker V gamer. He was the best Alex player in sweden. Look at this interview.
Boris has now become a sweaty Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R and Guilty Gear
-STRIVE- player, so watch out!
He also plays Final Fantasy XIV Online, look for Muriel Winterspite in Louisoix on the Chaos Datacenter!

Boris LOVES Cowboy Bebop!

Boris is also the guy who both created, and used to host this website! Wow! What a smart and cool guy amirite?

Boris is also the creator of! Btw, he is an esteemed director and video editor: check out his youtube playlist.

Accomplishments (Boris himself is also an accomplishment)

  • Hosts the legendary Boris-Gala
  • Founder and treasurer for VFGC (all the moneyz)
  • Was kind of a big deal at Max Burgers for 3 years
  • Boris Newgrounds page
  • Is a part of the Polybit team
  • Plays the Senap Challenge
  • Eats Sausages and asian food at Asia House
  • Owns a super successful consultant Company
  • Owner of the famous God Controller
  • Has an actual grown-up job with a good pay
  • Is currently on a diet, losing weight super fast

Don't get on Boris's bad side.

You don't want a mad Boris after you.