RedBlaze (Red)

Red is a super smart dude, one of the few people who aced the introductory 18 levels in life. He also happens to be really nice too.
He is also a commisioner (ledamot), and former vice chairman for VFGC.

Oh right, he destroys Boris himself at chess as well, which is an amazing feat.

Red is actually really fucking good at melee, like no joke. Watch his SICK combo video here!

He has half-assed retired from melee now. He has become a member of Kone academy, teaching players to get better at the game, which he is very good at.
He does play in his own tournaments though, because there he can rig the brackets and make sure he plays who he wants. #raggingbrickets

To demonstrate exactly how good he is at melee, below is an enormous list with all of Reds ssbm tournament wins. Both online and offline, categorized (not sorted really).
Red currently has 42 offline tournament wins and 62 online tournament wins.
104 tournament wins in total! Seriously, over 100! Congratz my dude!

This list is sadly outdated, and might be updated in the distant future.

Online Netplay Tournaments:

Offline Tournaments:

Red mains marth.

Despite having the tag Red, he likes black marth the most.