This gal is the best Swedish melee player under 18 years of age, what a title!

She is a certified Gästeråsare. This means that she belongs to Westeros despite not living there. More accurately, she belongs to VFGC.

If you play Among Us with her, she will be the impostor.

Tova has "problems" joining a voice channel in discord. She has to leave and rejoin the voice channel until it works.
Because of this, a speedrun category called mic% has been created.
This is the definition of mic%: "You start the timer when tova first joins the voice call, and the timer stops when she can speak. If she can speak right away, it is automatically the new WR."

Mic% is unfortunatly a dead category.


  • Is rumored to have defeated Red in a friendly once
  • Revealed her face for everyone at VFGC
  • Left Stockholm once
  • Defeated Leaf in a moneymatch, asserting her dominance
  • Is currently a commisioner for VFGC